For the Mafia, there is no such thing as overkill. Nowhere is this more evident than in this match, a direct response Jay Taylor losing the Art of Fighting Championship at Path to Greatness. While David Nero will be attempting to wrest the belt from new champion Kaha Edmonds in Bunbury, this match is designed to ensure that never again will the Tribe rise up to challenge the might of the Mafia.

Although this is a Handicap match, with 3 members of the Mafia facing off against Rhys Youngblood and Kaha Edmonds, it's more akin to a 4-on-2, with the special guest referee Lord London Hargreaves providing, according to him, "completely impartial and unbiased refereeing".

Still, despite the Mafia playing the numbers game, you can't discount the Tribe; with their unbridled savagery, skill, and skulls so thick you could crack coconuts on, this battle could go either way, at NHPW's Saturday Night Showdown, July 25th, located at the NHPW Arena (Cockburn Youth Centre) next to the Cockburn Train Station and Success Shopping Centre!

You may think that Aaron O'Malley has little to smile about, and you'd be right. He was denied closure after Seth Deadwell failed to appear, he lost the Hybrid Championship to Kuhmana, and he went from #1 to the final 2 of the Path to Greatness Royal Rumble, only to be eliminated by the winner and new AOF Champion, Kaha Edmonds.

However, despite these losses, one thing he has not lost is his warriors' spirit. It's this spirit that enabled him to capture, re-capture and retain the Hybrid Championship for as long as he has, never backing down from a challenge or shying away from a fight, and he's confident that it's this spirit that will enable him to reclaim the championship at Southern Impact, as he cashes in his rematch clause against the juggernaut, Kuhmana.

At Path to Greatness, Kuhmana defeated an unprepared opponent. Will lightning strike the same place twice in a row, or will preparation and study allow O'Malley to become the first-ever 3-time Hybrid Champion? We shall see, at NHPW's Southern Impact 2015, July 18th, located at the South-West Italian Club, White Street in Bunbury!

Path to Greatness 2015 Show Review:
In a pre-show match, the Seychelles Sensation took on a new debut from the Slaughterhouse, in King Shahil. Using a mixture of power and speed, Shahil impressed the crowd and took home the victory over the spirited JL Ah-Weng.

Kicking off the show proper, Hybrid Champion Aaron O'Malley addressed the crowd, and specifically one Seth Deadwell, the man who has been tormenting him these past months. When laying the championship on the line in an effort to coax the Deadwell out to the ring failed, O'Malley threw the challenge out for anyone to face him, so as to deliver what was promised to the fans: A fight.

Josh Newland, the leader of the Savage Circle, appeared to answer the call, but backed off and instead introduced a formidable challenger: Kuhmana! A back-and-forth battle began, with O'Malley attempting but unable to hit the double knees that have put away so many opponents, and in the end he fell victim to a savage aboriginal drop. Your new Hybrid Champion, Kuhmana!

Next up was Rhys Youngblood facing off in a singles match that felt like a handicap match, against Felix Young accompanied by the frequently-interfering Jordan Bishop. The numbers game came close to toppling Youngblood, but in the end he was able to hit the single-knee facebreaker for the win.

With "The Business" Aaron Jackson already in the ring, "The One" Hayden Zenith took no time in tearing him down verbally, but once the match began it was a high-speed back-and-forth between these two young guns. After gaining the upper hand with a devastating roll-through german suplex, it was only a matter of time before Jackson would hit the fisherman suplex and claim the 1, 2, 3.

The loveable hounds known as the Perth K9s, Dane and Odin, made their way to the ring accompanied by barks and howls from the crowd, contrasted to the Sex Mafia, "The Don" Michael Morleone, David Nero and "Lord" London Hargreaves being greeted by only derision and boos. A judicious amount of cheating on the behalf of the Mafia was countered by some unconventional offence by the K9s, the dogs being the proverbial pain in the ass of the Mafia.

Any hopes of the K9s being the next members of the Savage Circle to capture a championship that night were soon quashed by the interference of Bodhi McKenzie and Liam Mendel; while Dane & Odin picked up the win, the Mafia retained the championships. The Mafia's celebration was to be short-lived however, as the Heroes turned on them, advising all that they were the #1 Contenders to the SST Legacy Tag Team Championships, and that they WILL be the next Champions, very soon.

It was now time for the first-ever Path to Greatness Royal Rumble, but before it could get underway, Jay Taylor made his way to the ring and advised he would be taking over announcing duties, as was his right as the Art of Fighting Champion. First out by express order of Percy T was an injured Aaron O'Malley, and his opponent? King Shahil! While O'Malley fired up and got some early shots in, he struggled to hold his ground against the power of royalty. At #3 we saw Josh Newland not-quite-make his way to the ring, preferring to wait on the outside. Big John Dozer made his presence felt at #4, further decimating O'Malley and Jordan Bishop then eliminating Josh Newland. Dozer and the #6 entrant and new Hybrid Champion Kuhmana exchanged stiff shots, and with the entry of Jacob O'Driscoll the ring started to look more like a rumble, with bodies and blows flying everywhere.

As London Hargreaves made his way to the ring at #8, both Jacob and King Shahil became the next to be eliminated, with Bishop following shortly after. Kuhmana managed to eliminate the mighty Dozer, but then Warship entered and raised hell, spearing everyone in sight, only to bounce off the immovable Hybrid Champion. As London was eliminated, Heritor ran in and perhaps unwisely, attempted to chop Kuhmana down to size, only to fall afoul of Liam Mendel at #11 and ending his brief reappearance in the ring. In the only way it could have been achieved, Kuhmana was finally eliminated by a group effort, only to leave O'Malley at the tender mercies of Liam and the Warship. JL Ah-Weng attempted to assist and received a beatdown for his troubles. With Bodhi entering at #13 then Switchblade at #14, the towel-clad Heroes took it to O'Malley, only to be distracted, eliminated, and beaten blue around the arena by the Perth K9s.

Kaha Edmonds entered the ring and wasted no time in eliminating Switchblade and JL, and started battling the fearsome Warship. Hayden Zenith attempted to eliminate both Ajax and O'Malley, but while he outed Ajax, O'Malley turned the tables and launched Zenith over the ropes to crash into the barriers. With Warship being clotheslined over the top by Kaha, and Zenith and Ajax brawling to the back, it was Felix Young who would take charge, assaulting both O'Malley and Kaha before being eliminated and leaving both men ripe for the picking by #19 and 20, David Nero and Michael Morleone. Nero took one too many risks in his attempts to injure O'Malley and paid the price: an elbow to the jaw, and an elimination. After a mighty spinebuster from Kaha, The Don was eliminated as well, leaving it down to O'Malley and Edmonds to battle it out. In the end though, there could only be one winner, and with his injuries mounting, O'Malley was eliminated leaving Kaha the winner of the first ever Path to Greatness Royal Rumble, as well as the #1 contender to the Art of Fighting Championship!

His celebration was to be short lived, as the Mafia attacked him from all sides. It was now that Jay Taylor revealed the last step in his master plan: cashing in the #1 contendership was to be done straight after the rumble! The champion toyed with Edmonds, but took perhaps too long, as after reversing Taylor's cutter, Kaha laid him flat with a high-velocity spear to become the new Art of Fighting Champion!

Next Events:
Southern Impact, July 18th at the South-West Italian Club, Bunbury

Saturday Night Showdown, July 25th at the NHPW Arena, Cockburn Youth Centre, Cockburn

Percy T is fuming. Not only did Kaha Edmonds win the first ever Path to Greatness Royal Rumble, he cemented his victory by winning the Art of Fighting Championship from Jay Taylor! This has proven to be quite a setback for the Mafia, who were 2 championships away from proclaiming themselves the true princes of the universe.

While former champions have a habit of cashing in their rematch clause straight away, circumstances prohibit Jay Taylor from appearing at Southern Impact. That doesn't mean that Percy is willing to let Kaha off easy however, as he'll be facing one man who has no qualms about taking him out by whatever means possible.

The newest member of the Sex Mafia, David Nero, will get a match that he has been waiting for since April, and it'll be for the Art of Fighting Championship to boot!

Will David Nero bring the Art of Fighting Championship back into the fold on its' very first defence, or will Kaha overcome the numbers game and retain his precious gold? We shall see, at NHPW's Southern Impact 2015, July 18th, located at the South-West Italian Club, White Street in Bunbury!
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