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Southern Impact 2015 - Art of Fighting First Defence!

Percy T is fuming. Not only did Kaha Edmonds win the first ever Path to Greatness Royal Rumble, he cemented his victory by winning the Art of Fighting Championship from Jay Taylor! This has proven to be quite a setback for the Mafia, who were 2 championships away from proclaiming themselves the true princes of the universe.

While former champions have a habit of cashing in their rematch clause straight away, circumstances prohibit Jay Taylor from appearing at Southern Impact. That doesn't mean that Percy is willing to let Kaha off easy however, as he'll be facing one man who has no qualms about taking him out by whatever means possible.

The newest member of the Sex Mafia, David Nero, will get a match that he has been waiting for since April, and it'll be for the Art of Fighting Championship to boot!

Will David Nero bring the Art of Fighting Championship back into the fold on its' very first defence, or will Kaha overcome the numbers game and retain his precious gold? We shall see, at NHPW's Southern Impact 2015, July 18th, located at the South-West Italian Club, White Street in Bunbury!

Path to Greatness Quick Results

We'll have a full show review up for you in the coming days, but until then here are the quick results of the night, and what a night it was!

Pre-Show Match: King Shahil def. JL Ah Weng.
Kuhmana def. Aaron O'Malley to become the new NHPW Hybrid Champion.
Rhys Youngblood def. Felix Young (w/Jordan Bishop).
"The Business" Aaron Jackson def. Hayden Zenith.
Perth K9 (Dane & Odin) def. Sex Mafia (David Nero & Michael Morleone w/London Hargreaves) via DQ after the Heroes of Future Past attacked the K9's.
Kaha Edmonds def. Aaron Jackson, Aaron O'Malley, Bodhi McKenzie, David Nero, Felix Young, Hayden Zenith, Heritor, Jacob O'Driscoll, JL Ah Weng, John Dozer, Jordan Bishop, Josh Newland, Kuhmana, King Shahil, Liam Mendel, London Hargreaves, Michael Morleone, Switchblade and the Warship to win the first ever Path to Greatness Rumble.
Kaha Edmonds def. Jay Taylor to become the new NHPW Art of Fighting Champion.

Next Event: Saturday Night Showdown, July 25th!

Path To Greatness 2015 - The Spectre of the Deadwell!

There's a specter waiting in the shadows. Or at least, that's what has been intimated to current reigning and defending Hybrid Champion, Aaron O'Malley.

Ever since Final Chapter 2014, ominous videos have been playing during and after his matches, in what appears to be an attempt to throw him off his game, to bring the warrior down that is the Fighting Irish. While it hasn't worked, as he has held strong in the path of many perils, he is at the end of his patience with this phantom.

At long last, he can put a name to this face: Seth, who seems to hold a grudge against Aaron for some imagined slight, has been creating a campaign of chaos to swirl around O'Malley for the last 6 months, and his latest video ended with the message of "20-6-15".

Aaron won't be merely waiting for this shadow to appear at least, he's taking the initiative and he's calling this specter out, to stop hiding in the dark and face him like a man, and to sweeten the deal he's even laying the Hybrid Championship on the line!

Darkness pours forth from the Deadwell - will O'Malley be able to push through to the light? We shall see, at NHPW's Path to Greatness 2015, June 20th, located at the NHPW Arena (Cockburn Youth Centre) next to the Cockburn Train Station and Success Shopping Centre!

Path To Greatness 2015 - Legacy Tag Team Championships!

Let it never be said that Commissioner Percy T is not willing to give someone a "fair go".

Since their debut, the Perth K9s have been one of the most dominant tag teams in NHPW, defeating multiple teams in a short period, such as the Perth City Preachers, HSLC 2015 Finalists the Heroes of Future Past, and Lucky Charms, as well as some impressive singles showings. Not bad, for a pair of shaggy mutts.

Percy has recognized this and listening to the crowd cheer for the K9s, he has decided that they deserve a chance to prove themselves in the big leagues, by stepping up and challenging for the SST Legacy Tag Team Championships, held by the best that WA wrestling has to offer: The Sex Mafia!

Will the sheer power of Dane & Odin, backed by the cunning of Josh Newland, be able to bring home the gold for these two hounds, or will the Mafia dispose of these wayward curs like they would any other challenger? We shall see, at NHPW's Path to Greatness 2015, June 20th, located at the NHPW Arena (Cockburn Youth Centre) next to the Cockburn Train Station and Success Shopping Centre!