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Global Conflict 2015 - Hybrids Clash!

One will stand and one will fall - Aaron O'Malley and Hayden Zenith go head-to-head to prove once and for all who is the ultimate Hybrid. With an on-again, off-again rivalry that's spanned 2 years, this will come to an end on May 23rd.

Back in 2013, O'Malley and Zenith first tried to team up, against the Shadows of Alastor; when that failed, they went head-to-head down in Bunbury, a contest that Aaron won.

All seemed well, until July, after Aaron captured the Hi-Fi (now Hybrid) Championship for the first time. The very next show, Zenith challenged for the title in a triple threat, with O'Malley the victor, then again at Final Chapter 4. For a while, his attentions turned elsewhere, chasing after the SST and AOF Championships, much like Aaron's were turned towards another friend-turned-foe, in Gorgeous Garry.

O'Malley and Zenith teamed once more for Battle of Honor 2015 as "Lucky Charms", and once again dissention reared it's ugly head after an accidental clash in the ring caused Zenith to leave Aaron to the tender mercies of the Perth K9s. Challenging Aaron later on in the evening to a match, Zenith picked up an easy victory over the wounded champion. Aaron was about to fair little better in Match #2, with the referee knocked down Zenith went for the belt, but was prevented by the appearance of someone whom Aaron seemed to know; Aaron would pick up the win to make it 1-all.

The final stage of this feud will happen on May 23rd, at NHPW's Global Conflict 2015, May 22nd and 23rd, located at the NHPW Arena (Cockburn Youth Centre) next to the Cockburn Train Station and Success Shopping Centre!

Global Conflict 2015 - Wonderland vs. Punisher

The debuting Harley Wonderland, former Riot City Wrestling Womens Champion and all-around #worstbloke, will be bringing the fight to the current Indygurlz Champion, "Punisher" Madison Eagles in Round 1 of Global Conflict on May 22nd!

Harley Wonderland and Madison Eagles have a lot in common. Both have travelled internationally to perfect their craft, both originated from NSW, and both have dominated wherever they have been.

The big difference between these two however, is that Harley Wonderland has just lost her championship, while "Punisher" Madison Eagles is walking tall into Global Conflict as the reigning and defending Indygurlz Champion.

Harley will have a lot to prove, as this is her first Global Conflict, while Madison will be taking part for the third year running. This makes both women equally dangerous, as Harley will be fighting to make her mark, and Madison will be fighting to retain her championship.

Will Harley take the Punisher on a trip down the rabbit hole and walk away the new Indygurlz Champion, or will the Punisher lay waste to all that stands before her? Find out at NHPW's Global Conflict 2015, May 22nd and 23rd, located at the NHPW Arena (Cockburn Youth Centre) next to the Cockburn Train Station and Success Shopping Centre!

Judgement Call 2015 Quick Results

Judgement Call quick results:

Kaha Edmonds def. David Nero at 6 minutes 20 seconds.
"Ajax" Aaron Jackson def. "Lord" London Hargreaves at 9 minutes 26 seconds.
The Perth K9s (Dane & Odin) def. the Perth City Preachers (Felix Young & Jordan Bishop) at 5 minutes 20 seconds.
Aaron O'Malley def. "The One" Hayden Zenith in the second match of the Best-of-3 Series, retaining the Hybrid Championship and tieing the series at 1-all, at 9 minutes 7 seconds.
Switchblade def. Liam Mendel & "Bolly Boy" Eddy Bombay in a No-DQ Triple Threat match at 5 minutes 24 seconds.
The Sex Mafia (Jay Taylor & "The Don" Michael Morleone) def. the Death Machines ("Smashing Machine" Chris Vice & "Death Stallion" Jarrad Slate) in a SST Legacy Tag Team Championship Double Tables Match.

Next Event: Global Conflict, May 22nd & 23rd!

Judgement Call 2015 - Faith or Ferocity?

On April 18, Judgement Call at the Perth Pro Wrestling - NHPW Arena, the Perth City Preachers have called out the Perth K9s for their actions in defense of the NHPW Slaughterhouse!

After Jordan Bishop's denoument of all things NHPW at Battle of Honor 2015, the Perth K9s attempted to pound some sense into the blustering Bishop; it appears that this was unsuccessful, given his promo received by NHPW Management.

Was calling out Dane & Odin, arguably two of the largest hounds this side of hell, a wise decision? It's hard to tell. On one hand, you have a half-ton of sheer savagery and agression in the Perth K9s, and on the other you have the fervent faith of the Perth City Preachers.

When preachers pit their power against the pride of NHPW, there's no predicting who will prevail, at Judgement Call 2015, located at the NHPW Arena (Cockburn Youth Centre) next to the Cockburn Train Station and Success Shopping Centre!