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I Wanna Rock!

“God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you; Put it in the soul of everyone.” – KISS
Jarrad Slate has been the Legion of One for almost a year now, when something spoke to him, deep inside. It spoke to him in the universal tongue that is above all languages: Rock.

It said that you can take a stand, or you can compromise; You can work real hard or just fantasize. But you don't start livin' till you realize, that to win the HSLC Tournament, you need a partner that has the music in their soul!

So the legionnaire travelled far and wide, tenaciously searching for a kindred soul to complete and compete as a team. He walked five hundred miles, and then five hundred more, until he came across one man who was filled with music to the very brim!

Former referee-turned wrestler Liam Mendel was also on a quest, to become the greatest wrestler in all the land, but he could not do it alone, oh no! These two dynamic dudes realised they had found the one in each other! No longer did the Legion stand alone, and to recognize this, they took the name that would one day strike fear into all who opposed them!


Come Battle of Honor, they plan on rocking the world of each and every person in attendance as they become the most fantastic force to hold the Headshrinker Samu Legacy Cup.

Witness this tale as old as time, at Battle of Honor 2014, February 7th & 8th, Gosnells PCYC, Royal St in Kenwick!


“Wherever there's opportunity, the mafia will be there.” – Johnny Kelly
Opportunity. It always comes back to that word.

For "The Don" Michael Morleone, head of the European Alliance, opportunity came a-knocking when he heard that Jay Taylor had managed to finangle himself a spot for the Headshrinker Samu Legacy Cup Tournament through unknown means.

Don, who had found out only scant weeks before that his partner-in-crime Mattew Pace had other 'business' to attend to on the weekend, and therefore would be unable to participate in the tag tournament, was quick to send his associate Lord London Hargraves to discuss terms with Jay Taylor to secure his spot.

For an undisclosed favor, the "Sleaziest Man Alive" will be tagging with the Don at Battle of Honor, as the Sex Mafia!

"Carpe Diem", the Don was heard to say to JT, and seize the day they shall, at Battle of Honor 2014, February 7th & 8th, Gosnells PCYC, Royal St in Kenwick!

One Purpose; One Mind.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

That the Collective is in the tournament is to nobody’s surprise. “Superstar” David Nero and his protégé “Assassin” Matt Cardell have talent in abundance, combined with a dangerous lack of sympathy, respect, or societal norms.

Now that they have “trimmed the fat” out of the group through the loss of Jagger Stevens, they are leaner, meaner, and more cut-throat than ever. What makes this pairing so dangerous is not their natural abilities, but their complete and utter trust of each other, deeper even than a brotherly bond, paired with singular purpose: Ruin of Jagger Stevens, Hayden Zenith, and Aaron O’Malley, the self-titled RAPID.

It’s hard to tell at this point if they will compromise on that goal to achieve the more prestigious accomplishment of beating all other teams to become the HSLC Tournament Winners of 2014. One thing that we can be sure of though; if by chance or design the Collective and RAPID cross paths, then shall they cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.

See the Collective at Battle of Honor 2014, February 7th & 8th, Gosnells PCYC, Royal St in Kenwick!